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You have questions about the symposium or the application? Then you can write an email to Christian Schaaf () or Alexander von Reppert ().

Ultrafast Spin-Lattice interactions

Ultrafast Spin-Lattice interactions

PhD Symposium at the Joint DPG-EPS Spring Meeting in Berlin 2018

Ultrafast Spin-Lattice interactions

Tuesday 13th of March 9:30 – 13:15 in Room H 1012

The immensely fascinating field of magnetism research has branched into many lively communities such as spintronics, ultrafast demagnetization, all-optical switching, multiferroic materials, domain walls, magnetic textures and spin caloritronics just to mention a few. All of these hot research topics share that the relevant interacting magnetic moments are arranged within the framework of an atomic lattice which itself interacts with the spin system.

The lattice thus does not only influence the geometrical arrangement of the magnetic moments but also serves as a major bath for energy, entropy and most importantly also angular momentum transfer within the studied systems.

The symposium aims at exchanging ideas and at fostering the discussion about the effects of the spin- lattice interaction among various areas of magnetism research. We highly welcome contributions that explain basic mechanisms and results of the spin-lattice interaction from all communities.

Spin-lattice interaction can be considered as one of the prototypical coupling mechanisms within correlated materials and the condensed matter research in general. It is a very timely topic as many applications in future information technology such as spintronic-devices, heat assisted magnetic recording, implementations of the Spin-Seebeck, all-optical magnetization switching greatly benefit from an understanding of this basic effect.

Time Schedule

Who we are and why we organize this symposium

The symposium is organized by: Alexander von Reppert (U. Potsdam), Vivek Unikandanunni (U. Stockholm), Kumar Neeraj, (U. Stockholm), Neha Jha (U. Greifswald), Tobias Wimmer (Walther Meißner Institute München), Kamil Bobowski, (FU Berlin) and Markus Gleich (FU Berlin). We are a group of PhD students who met at the Bad Honnef Physics School on Magnetism organized by the DPG at the end of September 2017. Although we work with different methods and perspectives on magnetism we share a common interest in the fundamental topic of spin-lattice interaction and wish to bring together distinguished speakers from different fields.

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