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PhD students create their DPG Spring Meeting 2017

PhD Symposium of the Division of Section Magnetism and the Young DPG

Since 2012 PhD students have the opportunity to plan and organize their own symposium within the division of magnetism. Applicants thus got the a chance to contribute directly to the success of the meeting with an interesting scientific topic of their choice.


Winners were teams from University of Mainz (Spintronics on the way to modern storage technology), from ETH Zurich (Topological defects in magnetic materials: From devices to cosmos) and from University of Kaiserslautern (Magnon plasmonics) and from TU Munich (Quantum phase transitions: Emergent phenomena beyond elementary excitations). All the symposia so far were a major success with up to more than 200 attendees in the audience. The mixture of invited talks by both world-renown scientists back-to-back to talks given by young researchers was especially well appreciated. In particular, tutorial talks introducing people without pre-experience into the research field covered by the symposium were enthusiastically received by the audience.

Because of the enormous success and the excitement of both the organizers and the audience for this kind of event we will continue the series with a PhD symposium at the following DPG meeting and you have the chance to organize it!

Are you interested to learn more about a scientific topic that has been intriguing you for a long time and that you consider to be attractive for a large community of general interest? Then this is your opportunity to invite experts in the field for giving a compact survey of the topic in the framework of a conference symposium. In addition, organization of such an event symposium is a chance to get in personal contact with leading scientists in the field at an early stage of your career. Along the way, you will become familiar with the organisational issues of a scientific meeting with thousands of participants.


The success of an excited audience that will treasure the memory of you and your symposium is guaranteed. All you have to do is to take the initiative and try something new. Apply as an organizer!


It is easy and not much work to apply for the organization of the symposium. This is how it works:

Applicants are asked to introduce themselves and the topic of their choice in the application form. The organization will be awarded in October. The committee will be introduced to the community on the web pages of the DPG meeting and the Young DPG and will commence its work. For inquiries in the course of the organization contact persons will be available. As in the previous years, it is planned to conclude the symposium with an informal lunch of all organizers and speakers on the day of the symposium.

Teilnehmer des Promovierendensymposiums 2014 stehen am 01.04.2014 vor einem Poster.
For the first time, in 2014 a poster session was part of the symposium.

The PhD Symposium is an initiative of the Division of Magnetism and the Young DPG. The symposium should thus be devoted to a timely topic related to field of magnetism. The event should last three to four hours in which a survey on the state of the art of the topic is presented with invited and contributed talks. Some of the talks should be given in tutorial style and introduce the younger audience to the topic of the symposium. The organisation committee (typically a group of 3-6 PhD students) determines and invites the speakers, compiles the programme, organizes the event and chooses the chairpersons for their sessions.

Application deadline is October 1, 2016.


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