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Registration for GIPE – the German Italian Physics Exchange

1st to 5th of November 2017 - Registration Deadline: 20th of July 2017

You can check our preliminary program on the official website of GIPE: http://ai-sf.it/gipe/ or here

If you have any questions related to the exchange, feel free to contact Michael Bornholdt ().

Fields marked by * are mandatory. The ?-fields, will give you more information why we need this information.

Personal Information

First name*
Gender* ? Sex: Information for the Youth Hostel
National committee
DPG membership number ? Membership number: Only mandatory for German participants
Street and Address* ? Address: Necessary for the Youth Hostel
Postal Code, City* ? Address: Necessary for the Youth Hostel
Date of Birth* ? Date of Birth: Necessary for the Youth Hostel.
Nationality* ? Nationality: Necessary for the Youth Hostel.
Passport No. or Identifcation Card No.* ? Personalausweisnummer: Necessary for the Youth Hostel
Mobile Phone Number


Field of Study, Semester ? Field of Study, Level of Study: This information is non-mandatory, it will help us to adopt lectures and lab tours to the participants.
Place of Study ? Place of Study This information is non-mandatory, it will help you to coordinate your arrival.

Student Talk

I would like to give a talk* Yes No
If yes, title of your talk:


Single-gender room prefered
Travel Package (34,50 EUR)* Yes No
Note: The travel-package will be organized by the DPG -Kongreß- Ausstellungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (DPG-GmbH) and DPG-GmbH will charge you for the cost. If you do not opt to order the Travel Package you will need to organize your transport and buy tickets around Hamburg on your own.

I agree, that my data will be forwarded to DPG-GmbH, so that DPG-GmbH can prepare an invoice and send it to me. I will pay that bill before the event. (*)

I am a vegetarian / vegan. ? Vegetarians and Vegans: Please state your preferences in the additional information field.
If you are giving a talk, please state an Abstract in max. 1000 characters.
Additional information ? Additional information: Everything you want to inform us about
Remarks, Terms and Conditions:
Your personal data will be handled confidentially. In case of booking of the food-package, the data will be forwarded to DPG-GmbH. If it is essential for the organization of the event, we reserve the right to forward the data if necessary (e.g. youth-hostel, hotel or organizing committee).

We will only accept completed registrations!

Your registration is mandatory! After completing the registration form, you will receive a note that your data has been received. After registration has closed, you will receive a confirmation or in case of overbooking a cancellation, respectively, to your stated email address. In case of booking of the food-package, you will receive an invoice from DPG-GmbH to you stated postal address. If you cancel your participation in the event before the registration has closed, you will not receive an invoice. In the cancellation occurs later, reimbursement of the paid costs cannot be guaranteed. In case of unexcused absence or short-term cancellation, we reserve the right to suspend you from future (j)DPG events (excluding DPG Spring Meetings). Alternatively, it is possible to name a DPG-member (in this case also a member of another national/local committee) as a substitute participant.

The participation in the event lies in your own responsibility, (j)DPG is only the mediator of the programme. To be able to participate in the event, you have to be at least 18 years old. All information about the programme can be subject to changes. (j)DPG reserves the right to cancel the event. In this case you will not have to pay any fees.

With your participation you agree that there will be photos taken in the course of this event which will be published afterwards on DPG Channels.
I have read and accept the terms and conditions

I agree that my name, my email address and (if declared) my city of study will be forwarded to other participants prior to the event to be able to get in contact with other participants for the organisations of arrival and departure (optional).
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