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"Verhandlungen" of the "Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft"

hamburgThere will be published an issue of the "Verhandlungen" about each of the spring conferences. The "Verhandlungen" are programmes with abstracts of the scientific contributions at the DPG spring conferences, in which also general information concerning the conferences is included. The registered participants of a spring conference will get the issue of the appropriate scientific field when checking in at the conference. The costs of this issue are included in the conference fee.

Since 1997 in addition to the printed version also electronic issues of the "Verhandlungen" are provided in the internet at www.dpg-verhandlungen.de. There you also find an archive with the "Verhandlungen" of former conferences. A complete conversion to the electronic version is not aspired in the near future, because many participants don’t want to dispense with the printed issue. For these people an electronic version is a meaningful supplement but not an alternative.

The printed version of the "Verhandlungen" can also be ordered independently from conference participation and will be shipped approximately in February. If you want to order please use this form. For the postal delivery 9 to 25 Euro (depending on the kind of issue, see form) are charged. Such an order does not cause delivery in the following years. If you order all the "Verhandlungen", the conference issues will be sent to you every year until recalled and 30 Euro per delivery will be charged.

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