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Frequently asked questions

You find various online forms in the menu on the left: to apply for the membership of the DPG, to report modifications and to terminate your membership

Full members

Every natural person interested in physics, legal bodies such as business concerns and trading companies and scientific institutes, libraries, schools, authorities (in each case with permanent residence in Germany or abroad) can become full members of the DPG. Applications for membership of the DPG should be directed to the DPG Head Office.

By the admission into the DPG you will get member of a Regional Organisation if existing, without further payment.


DPG members can become members of Sections and Working Groups without further payment.

Registration fees for conferences

Members (natural persons) can make use of reduced registration fees at conferences and events of the DPG and of the associated companies (e.g. American Physical Society).


Membership includes the subscription of the monthly magazine of the DPG, the Physik Journal. The journal informs with review articles about progress and new developments in physics and related science subjects. In addition it reports important events and decisions of the DPG and informs about topics of education policy and employment matters. The magazine is politically independent (cf. "Geschäftsordnung über Ziele, Aufgaben und Herausgabe der Zeitschrift Physik Journal", in the yearly issue no. 8/9 of the Physik Journal and on the DPG web server). Dispatch is free of charge. Exclusion: Air mail, please refer to: Fee categories.

Abstracts of all lectures held at DPG conferences and presented posters are published in "Verhandlungen der DPG".

If you have further questions, please contact the DPG Head Office.

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