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History of the House

In 1897 the rich merchant Otto Hölterhoff donated his entire fortune and property to the University of Bonn with the condition to establish the "Elly Hölterhoff-Böcking-Foundation" in memory of his wife Elly. This foundation was meant to be a "home for young ladies of higher descent" as teachers of a household school for girls of lower descent. The school was opened in June 1906 and run successfully till 1940.

Since 1947 the foundation served as home for senior citizens and for "special purposes of the University of Bonn in the fields of research and education".

Following the rising demand of many German physicists for establishing a summer school center the "Physikzentrum Bad Honnef" was founded at the 12th of June, 1976. Since then PBH is run by the DPG and supported by the Land North Rhine-Westphalia and the University of Bonn.

In 2009 the DPG and the University of Bonn agreed to run the Physikzentrum for at least next 30 years.

The DPG started in spring 2010 extensive renovating works inside the building. The main goals of the renovation are improving of the fire security, installation of a lift and some facilities for handicapped persons. All guest rooms will be equipped with a shower and WC. The activity is bankrolled by the DPG and supported by the Land North Rhine-Westphalia with 1 million euros.

The conferences carry on running.

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