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Halle (Saale)


Physicists' Research Overview in Science and Technology PROST

Upcoming Meetings, taking place at 18:00 h in VDP 3 1.12:





PhD Seminar PROST

Have you ever wondered what your colleagues in the lab next door are working on while you are completing the breakthrough experiment leading to the next Nobel prize? Maybe it's them who could deliver the missing link for your final success!

Even though some more work is required to path your way to a Nobel prize, it's worth to get an insight into your colleagues' daily business. Especially if you are a PhD student, many things may wait for you to be discovered!

Therefore, we would like to offer an informal get-together for physics PhD students (and everyone else who is interested), taking place about every two weeks. Each session will start with a basic introduction by one of the participants to an aspect of their daily research life e.g. measurement methods, data analysis, or soft skills; followed by a discussion and optionally a corresponding lab tour. 

The "Physicists' Research Overview in Science and Technology" (PROST) is a project of the jDPG local group of Halle, and will not only be an opportunity to spread knowledge in science, but also to get in touch with other advanced physics students and discuss your everyday concerns in and around the lab. Committed to the pure accidentally formed abbreviation of the project's name, we will serve beer and snacks.

Die Regionalgruppe hat sich im März 2011 aus Physik- und Medizinphysik-Studenten verschiedener Semester gebildet. Wir wollen damit zum einem unsere Studienerfahrung vergrößern und zum anderen auch mit anderen Menschen außerhalb der Universität in Kontakt kommen. Zum Thema Kontakt: Wollt ihr uns mal persönlich kennen lernen und nicht bloß Emails schreiben? Dann kommt doch einmal bei unseren PROST Seminar vorbei.

Die jDPG Halle



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