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Sprecher: Florina Schalamon (schalamon@jdpg.de)

Stellvertretender Sprecher: Hier könnte dein Name stehen!

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Aktuelles Protokoll

Physicists are one of the most mobile occupational groups and they travel all around the world. They exchange their knowledge beyond borders, they work together on the whole globe and deal with projects beyond national and cultural barriers. This environment offers wonderful possibilities for everyone and requires experiences and skills which are far beyond the professional knowledge and ability.
Even if it is not requested formally during your studies: To collect experiences in other countries is an important building block on your way through university. The more important is your own initiative and your curiosity about countries and (research) cultures. The world is full of opportunities, you only have to take them!

The jDPG World Map


Click on the different points to show the details.

 Where is somebody at the moment?  Where was somebody?

Our interactive world map shows where members of the jDPG were in the past and where they are at the moment. You can contact them via email: .

First Contact

You have mentioned that a member of the jDPG is studying in your desired country or near to your actual residence? You observe that somebody has experience in a region where you would like to work on a project? Talk to us and we will establish a contact, such that you can exchange yourselves directly.
You are a member of the jDPG and you are abroad or you have been abroad in the past and you are not marked on our map? Send us an email where you are or where you have been. This could be a first step to find new friends and valuable contacts for the future.
We are looking forward to help you with the preparation of your stay abroad and to get in contact with other jDPG members and physics students abroad. Contact us :).

Contact person: Florina Schalamon ()










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