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Vittoria Colizza receives the Young Scientist Award for Socio and Econophysics 2013.

From the award laudatio:
“With vision and courage, Dr. Colizza has made major contributions to and has, indeed, significantly shaped the new field of computational epidemiology”,it is written in the motivation for the award assignment, “leading to remarkable advances in the surveillance, modeling, and prediction of epidemic spreading on a global scale”.
Her work is comprehensive, mature and influential in practice. Based on sophisticated models and a collection of empirical data sets, it has enabled the study of realistic “what … if” scenarios, which can give policy makers valuable advise how to save the lives of people threatened by epidemic spreading.
Last but not least, Colizza’s work has reached impact beyond sociophysics, for example, in biology and medicine. Given her scientific achievements and charisma, she is also a role model for many excellent young scientists, especially women.
In conclusion, with her research, Dr. Colizza has built bridges between physics, social and life sciences, which is acknowledged by this prize.

Further information can be found on Vittoria Colizza's web page

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