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Young Scientist Award 2011

Santo Fortunato received the Young Scientist Award 2011.

From the award certificate:

Dr. Fortunatos’s research has employed physics methodology and models to greatly advance our understanding of socio-economic systems, particularly in the fields of complex networks, social dynamics, and scientometrics.

Santo Fortunato is best known for his influential studies on complex networks. His discovery of a fundamental limit in the achievable resolution of community detection has changed the perception of data driven approaches. He proposed standard benchmarks against which to compare competing algorithms that have found widespread use and acceptance.

A pioneer of socio-physics research, he also showed how tools of statistical physics can be applied to study opinion dynamics and social influence by demonstrating scaling and universality in proportional elections.

With the discovery of universal laws in the statistics of scientific citations, he further made an important contribution to scientometrics, which paved the way to an objective comparison of scientific impact across diverse fields of research.

Besides his various original contributions, he has provided the research community with several profound review articles on network clustering and the application of statistical physics to social dynamics.

With his research, Dr. Fortunato has built bridges between physics and the socio-economic sciences, which is acknowledged by this prize.

Visit Santo Fortunato's homepage at Aalto University, Finland.

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